WiseOwl links sheet


I owe a lot of what I’ve learnt in Excel VBA to the tutorials that have been uploaded to YouTube by Andrew Gould from Wise Owl

These are a fantastic resource if you’re new to Excel VBA; Andrew does an excellent job of presenting concisely and clearly everything from an elementary introduction to the Visual Basic Environment to the writing and executing advanced VBA macros. He clearly puts a great deal of forethought in to the preparation of these videos, and it makes them stand head and shoulders above the majority of the video tutorials out there. You can find these on Wise Owl’s YouTube channel

A YouTube user suggested to Andrew that his videos could use hyperlinks to the specific subsections of the videos to make it easier to refer back to in the future. As it happens, I’ve actually been creating my own set of these links in an Excel sheet, so – at the users request – I’ve uploaded it here for everyone to use. It’s incomplete, as I only started making this list part way through watching these videos, and only reflects what I have watched to date, but it’s better than nothing!


You can download the workbook here.


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